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Designing of a landing page

Landing pages aren’t built out of anything. They might be some of the most important parts of a website. Landing pages are optimized to work perfectly for the target group it is focused on. Making sure all possible clients that come to the website get all the right information the way they prefer to receive it. There are a lot of different factors to keep in mind, therefore here are the following tips.

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Target group

When creating a landing page one of the most important things to keep in mind is the target group. Since everything is specifically designed for this group all of the following tips need to keep this in mind when designing.

Type of Information

The information you provide is essential to the target group. So is the type of information that is provided for the visitor to the landing page. All information should be useful. A landing page is designed to make the step from visitor to customer as easy as possible. So all information should be displayed in the best way to understand for the visitor. This means that at first, you need to understand what information is useful for the visitor. And next test the most effective way to bring this information across to the viewer.

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Amount of Information

With the kind of information, there also needs to be thought of how much should be displayed. You can display a whole report on why your company is bringing new clients in when they use your ware.

But someone who doesn’t know the company won’t read the report. So instead you could display the most attractive statistics, reviews from previous customers and a short explanation of the process of the service. This will reduce the amount of information and makes it easy to see.According to Colleen Roller, the amount of information has a big effect on the decision making process. A lot of information makes it more difficult to make a decision. (Roller, n.a.)

A way of seeing if you have too much information on your page and if it’s clear is by doing the “blink test”. (Tomlin, 2014) this is basically sitting behind the desk looking at your designed landing page for 5 seconds (until you need to blink again). After the 5 seconds, did you get all information and do you know all about the service or company? If yes, then your page is simple to understand. If not, then you probably need to make some changes.

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When displaying information and making sure the route from visitor to the customer is as short as possible the loadtime has a big effect on visitors even waiting for the page. 49% of all visitors don’t wait 10 seconds for a page to load. while 19% doesn’t wait 5 seconds. This means that if your page is loading more than 10 seconds, you already lost 50% of your potential customers before they even saw any information you provided. Your landing page can be good, well designed and give them a great deal. But when only 50% of the visitors reach it this doesn’t matter.

When talking about ecommerce website it’s even more. There, 47% of the people who visit an ecommerce website leave if it isn’t loaded within 3 seconds. And 79% of the visitors won’t buy anything again from the website if the site performance wasn’t to their expectations.


Especially now mobile phone usage is higher than ever, a site needs to load fast. Making sure it loads fast is one thing, but making sure the site is displayed correctly on a small screen as well is another challenge. Responsive websites are a must have for all businesses. Using responsive technology makes sure your website changes to the dimensions of a small display as well. This can be a mobile phone, tablet, desktop, laptop or maybe even a smartwatch.

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The Fold

One of the things that stay something that needs to be thought about is the fold. The fold is the name of the area that is visible to the visitor before scrolling down or performing any action. This will most likely be the header and maybe some content that is displayed. Marketers and designers think about the fold by placing attractive content in the top section of the website. Something that will attract the visitor to read further and want to know more about the company or the product that is offered. You can think about a special offer, a big sentence that catches the visitors attention, or a call to action.

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